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How To Hire A Perth Wedding DJ For Your Wedding Day Reception

Choosing to hire wedding dj music entertainment can be one of the most important booking decisions made for your wedding day. One thiing Guests remember is whether or not they had a great time at your wedding. Generally what you pay for is what you get. Below are a few things to consider when choosing to hire a wedding music dj in Perth whether it be directly through a dj working solely for himself or one of the many professional Perth Wedding Dj Companies.

- Who is going to be the Perth wedding Dj for your Wedding Day? Many Perth Wedding DJ companies are a multi-team operation. Have in writing of who your Perth wedding DJ will be for your wedding day. I would highly recommend meeting your DJ before your wedding day at a neutral place, like a restaurant or reception venue you have chosen for your wedding day.

- Does your perth wedding DJ have many years experience with your type of wedding function? Lots of so called Dj's can pretend to be a professional wedding DJ. If you are having a formal event, does your wedding DJ know how to organize a wedding reception? Your Perth wedding DJ should perform the type of show that you want!

- Does the DJ get everyone involved dancing or do they just play music? You have to ask yourself if you want your Perth wedding DJ to get everyone dancing? Will your wedding DJ involve guests by playing motivational dances like the Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey, Love Shack or just play main stream music?

- Make sure your wedding DJ will be dressed appropriately for your wedding day. Dressed properly means tuxedo or dress. Semi-formal means dress pants, shirt & tie or slacks and blouse. Casual means polo shirt or company shirt. Be sure your perth wedding DJ is dressed appropriately during set-up and takedown of equipment. Some guests do arrive early and stay late.


- How much will your perth wedding dj charge? How much will overtime cost if needed? Will there be an extra charge for the use of special lighting-what is the difference between normal and special lighting? How much will it cost to travel to your location? Are you ONLY paying for the time the wedding DJ performs?

- Does the wedding DJ include a contract? Be sure to have all details of your wedding function in writing. The wedding DJ must know the date, place, and time! You must know each other's names and phone numbers including the DAY of the occasion.

-Is the Perth Wedding DJ company professional? This may sound silly, but does the wedding DJ have his own insurance? Accidents do happen. It's better to be prepared. Is the Perth wedding Dj tied in with a reputable agency and if so then its more likely that the wedding Dj will be more professional.

-What kind of equipment will the wedding DJ use on your wedding day? Typically, if a wedding DJ is using a brand of equipment you can buy at your local retail store, then that's what you will get. Excellent brand names include: EAW, Renkus Heinz, Nexo, JBL, Community, Denon, Gemini, QSC, Crown, etc. Always, and I mean always, ask if the DJ has back-up equipment WITH them for your function. Also, be sure the Perth wedding DJ brings the right amount of sound for the number of guests expected.

- What music does the perth wedding dj play? How many song selections will the Perth wedding DJ have WITH them? Be sure your wedding DJ takes requests before and during your wedding function. Make sure you give them an idea of what you want played on your wedding day. Don't limit the wedding DJ by saying you want all of one kind of music or a list of 70 songs they must play. The best scenario is to play any type of music that will get your wedding guests dancing and having fun. By the way, it should be understood the wedding DJ does not play any violent and offensive music.


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