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Selecting The Right Dj

Choosing a wedding DJ in Perth for your wedding day reception or function is one of the most important decisions you will make to insure the absolute success of your wedding day. Everything else can be perfect, but if the wedding music dj isn't any good then the party will fizzle out. Selecting the right wedding DJ can be a big decision and knowing which is the wrong or right choice is crucial to your wedding day.

How can you tell which wedding dj is best?

The worst way you can choose your wedding DJ is on price alone. Some wedding DJs are more expensive than others. Prices can vary and range from $100 to $2,000 for a 5 hour event. That's quite a big difference, and sure it would be very tempting to choose the cheapest alternative. Obviously if that's all your budget allows, than you really don't have much choice. There is a reason some wedding DJs charge more money than others. In most cases the wedding dj is usually worth it. More expensive wedding DJs tend to be the more experienced DJs and have been working in the wedding dj industry for many years and know how to conduct themselves for each individual wedding show booked. Most of the experienced wedding Dj's have a good reputation and so they should as they generally earn it. DJs on the low end of the price scale are new to the wedding dj industry. They are usually trying to get established in the business. Sure they might do a fine job and could be worth the risk if your wedding day doesn't really mean that much.

Whenever you speak with wedding djs make sure you pay careful attention to how they conduct themselves over the phone. This will usually give you some indication of their dj style. One of the most important things you can ask the wedding dj is their previous experience record including venues they have performed shows in.

What Songs Will The Wedding Dj Play

The best wedding DJs in Perth will take requests from the audience and work them into their regular routine. Don't expect the wedding DJ to play every request on the night of your wedding. Some requests simply are not appropriate for the mood of your night at that particular time. A good wedding DJ is certainly not a jukebox, he or she will always blend requests with songs he or she feels will properly motivate the crowd. On the other hand, the wedding DJ should try to play as many of your audience's requests as possible. It is most important to meet with your chosen wedding dj to discuss a repertoire which will be suitable for you and your wedding guests.


There are so many wedding DJs who will boast about the number of songs they have in their collection and while having a variety is great thing, the fact of the matter is that the wedding dj will only be able to play about 80 to 90 songs in a five - six hour show. Having the right 90 songs is a lot more important than having 20,000 songs your guests can't relate to. After you tell the wedding DJ the type of audience that will attend ask them to suggest what kind of music they would choose and then go from there. Remember its your wedding day so make sure you have what you would like in the wedding djs repertoire.

Many Perth wedding DJs also boast about having the best and greatest equipment. So unless you are familiar with professional audio gear, you probably won't know the difference between which brands are great and which are budget. Home stereo equipment is certainly not designed to stand up under 5-6 hours of high volume use.

Some Perth wedding DJ companies have more than one DJ working for them. If this is the case, it's important to get references on the particular wedding DJ being recommended by the booking agency or wedding dj agency. Even if the company has been around for forty years, the dj assigned to you may have begun his new found career last week. Make sure you are getting the experience your paying for.

The perfect wedding DJ should be affordable, conduct themselves in a professional manner from first contact and have great references. There are probably a lot of Perth wedding DJs out there who fit that kind of description. As you search, remember that above all, you want your wedding day to be an absolute fun filled success.


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