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Choosing The Right Corporate Entertainment

Choosing the wrong type of corporate entertainment can ruin your event and,even worse, project the wrong image about you your company or organization. On the other hand choosing the right corporate entertainment can create a positive and favorable impression about you and your company.
How can you tell the difference between right from wrong when booking corporate entertainment?

The more you know – both about your function event and the entertainment available the better off you will be in the long run.

- Who will be your audience
Is your audience young, older or a combination? Is the audience going to be mostly men or women? Do you want to book an act that will encourage dancing or an act that encourage a concert atmosphere? If you know what and who your audience will be then you can avoid booking corporate entertainment that might annoy, offend or even bore your guests.

- Choose the right entertainment
Choosing a rock band for your event may appeal to only a small portion of the people attending where as a corporate show band may appeal to the vast majority.

- Know your budget
Corporate Entertainment can run as low as $1000 for local talent, to well over $1 million for nationally-known talent.

- What is you theme
A Queen Tribute band like Bohemian Rhapsody or Rock n Roll Band can be a lot of fun, but your audience may not want to listen to Queen music or Rock n Roll for the entire night.
Select the perfect Corporate entertainment or act first and build your theme around it.

- Be aware of extra costs such as production and lighting
Corporate entertainment is one cost involved in holding an event, but have you considered the cost to produce the show? Many people tend to overlook or may not be aware that there are additional expenses associated with booking entertainment. Costs such as lighting, sound system hire, australian performing rights association(APRA) royalties, insurance, staging costs are some of the extra charges involved in holding an event.

- HIring a professional booking agent or agency to help
A professional booking agency is often the fastest – and most economical – source for entertainment for an event. A talent booking agency will connect you to the best acts in the entertainment business and help you choose corporate entertainment that will be right for your event. Professional booking agencies with experience booking national acts have the expertise necessary to negotiate contracts and, even more importantly, hospitality and performance riders. Professional booking agents can also give you inside info in to hot corporate entertainment trends which in turn helps minimize costs involved in organizing your corporate event.

Good luck with your event and we hope that it turns out an absolute success.


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