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bon jovi tribute band new jersey
bon jovi tribute band new jersey
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bon jovi tribute band new jersey
bon jovi tribute band new jersey


Without a doubt New Jersey are Australia's ultimate Bon Jovi tribute show!! With an emphasis on the term TRIBUTE SHOW New Jersey are well known in every corner of the country to replicate a Bon Jovi concert to the 9th degree. Close friend of Jon Bon Jovi, Molly Meldrum himself, has been quoted to say "They are sensational - even Jon would be proud!" New Jersey has set all-time attendance records at various venues around Australia and fans and venues alike just keep coming back for more! If you have been to a Bon Jovi concert anywhere in the world you will have no doubt experienced the rare electric atmosphere which it seems only the band themselves could re-create every time...well look out Australia...get ready for as close to the real deal as you could possibly imagine!!

Tribute band New Jersey are not just a cover-band who play Bon Jovi songs - they sound, look, move, and even think like their counterparts. After having seen the bands live concerts around the world collectively over 20 times & even meeting the boys themselves involving lengthy musical discussions, New Jersey's authenticity will rock any Bon Jovi fans world!

Whilst playing every well-known Bon Jovi hit with songs from every Bon Jovi album release - each & every detail is replicated - from the setlist to their re-creation of live versions of Bon Jovi classics as Bon Jovi would do it themselves, as well as rare B-sides, the use of the same instruments, the tones of voices, the playing style & feel, the charisma, the hair, the tattoos, those tight pants, the stage props & backdrops etc ...Yes, the tribute band New Jersey have spent many years in preparation for each of their roles, studying their craft as professional musicians, performing all around Australia and the rest of the world, and..well..listening to, watching & learning from Bon Jovi throughout their journey. New Jersey have collectively gathered over 50 years and 2000 gigs of live performance experience with the professionalism to match.

Bon Jovi are as popular as ever since their humble beginnings in New Jersey, with their first hit single in 1984, continually releasing over 20 years of stadium rock anthems & after over 100,000,000 album sales including the legendary album "New Jersey" - Bon Jovi are now reaching out to the new generation of rock fans & to this day still globally releasing number 1 albums and number 1 singles as recently as 2006, with consistently sold out world tours such as the '05/'06 "Have A Nice Day" tour..but..their reluctance to include Australia on their "world" tour schedule since '95 has left a void in many of the Australian Bon Jovi fans hearts. But alas, New Jersey are here to pay homage to the greatest rock band to ever hit the stage & will fill that void so much so that you will, no doubt, have to look twice...


New Jersey - Bon Jovi Tribute Show is the perfect choice of entertainment for your next corporate event, venue or private function

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Only Lonely
In & Out of Love
Let it Rock
You Give Love A Bad Name
Livin' On A Prayer
Wanted Dead or Alive
Raise Your Hands
I'd Die For You
Wild in The Streets
Never Say Goodbye
Lay Your Hands On Me
Bad Medicine
Born To Be My Baby
Living in Sin
Blood On Blood
Ride Cowboy Ride
I'll Be There For You
Love For Sale
I Believe
Keep The Faith
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
In These Arms
Bed of Roses
If I Was Your Mother
Dry County
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
Blaze of Glory
Hey God
Something For The Pain
This Ain't A Love Song
These Days
Lie To Me
Something To Believe In
Diamond RingIt's My Life
Just Older
Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars
One Wild Night
Rockin' In The Free World
The Distance
Have a Nice Day
Who Says You Can't Go Home
Last Man Standing
Story Of My Life
Dirty Little Secret
The Radio Saved My Life Tonight
Edge Of A Broken Heart
The Boys are Back in Town
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