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Little Black Dress

With smoky renditions of classic and contemporary jazz hits along with a smouldering selection of heart-breaking ballads,
Little Black Dress is sure to inject both elegance and style to any venue.

Little Black Dress are Ideal for background ambience at cocktail parties, sundowners and dinner, or as a classy interlude between entree and main with a classic-packed floorshow, Little Black Dress will leave your clients breathless and hungry for more.
With their designer label evening gowns and sparkling repartee, they imbue each performance with both style and substance.
The "jazz and ballads" package is available as a duo or trio and includes a range of entertainment options,
all of which can be customised to suit your needs and budget.

PA requirements for Little Black Dress

* LBD can provide its own PA, but our preference is to hook into an existing system.
LBD can provide microphones and stands, along with CD backing and simply hook into an existing or provided PA - if available.
If there is no option to hook into an existing system,
additional fees may apply depending on audience size and venue.
The original four-girl Little Black Dress line-up is also
available for dinner dances, weddings, corporate events and floorshows.

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