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Well if its funk your after then you can't go past Funky Funkalleros. The band Funkalleros are one of Perth's main Corporate show funk bands who have performed at just about all of Perth's major corporate shows. Funkalleros funk band consists of German who was born in Argentina and he is Abe's brother.  German who came to Australia from Spain in 2000 has always played and studied percussion but worked behind the scenes as a roadie with bands in Buenos Aires in the 70's. It was in the year of 1983 that German moved with his family to Spain and began his career in stage rigging, lighting and sound engineering for artists such as Ricky Martin and Rocio Jurado. Whilst in Spain he also took master lessons in Afro-Cuban percussion. In 2001 he recorded with Abe for the first time at Couch Studios and so Funkalleros began to eventuate.

Funkalleros member Mario Horvat was born in Croatia.  His father was a proffesor of music in Zagreb and a lot of his relatives in Croatia played music.  Mario played in LC Salsa and Los Chasquis (andean music) in Perth for five years before joining Latin Fusion on bass.  He is a consummate guitar player, having played lead guitar in rock bands, but he is also a great flamenco guitar player. 
As well as playing bass and guitar Mario sings harmonizing backing vocals in Funkalleros, adding great passion and skill to the sound of the band.

Funkalleros member Raul Rojas Villa was born in Panama.  He grew up steeped in the music of this country and started playing from an early age.  When he was older, he moved to Canada where he hooked up with various Latin musicians and played in many Latin ensembles and salsa orchestras.  He appeared in the Montreal Jazz Festival among others and played regularly in nightclubs in Montreal, sometimes extending to perform experimental music.  He is primarily a bongo player, but he can actually play just about any Latin percussion instrument such as the congas, timbales, bata drums, tambora and countless other instruments.  He migrated to Australia in 2004 and he plans to live and work here.  His incredible energy onstage, skill and good humour is an assett to any band he plays with.

Funkalleros member Abe Dunovits was born in Argentina and came to Australia in 1989.  He started in rock cover bands playing guitar and then quickly moved onto original indie bands such as Rosie's Kitchen and the Whitlam Years with whom he got moderate success. He picked up skills along the way in bass, percussion and singing. While living in Spain he noticed the fusion of Spanish and Rock musics and later on in Australia, after having played with Malembe (Latin) and Sabroson (Big Band Salsa) Shangara Jive (African fusion) formed Funkalleros to channel a desire to play original World fusion music.  He has played guitar and sung in three discs with bands but Funkalleros is his first songwriting effort. Abe still plays with Sabroson primarily and works as a freelance guitarist and bass player for other bands.  He is hoping to record a second Funkalleros album in the not too distant future...

Funkalleros Funk Band are suitalble for all corporate events including weddings and private functions.

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