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Described as a lad, a blue-collar boy and talented footy player; Ricky Muscat has been determined to make his mark as a top vocalist in the toughest singing competition in Australia. Ricky’s personality has been a breath of fresh air and no one could possibly forget his hilarious confrontation with Jorge Bec in the early rounds of the competition.

Ricky Muscat describes himself as the class clown but his focus has always been on his music. Ricky’s father was a drummer who had a passion for the golden eras of popular music and it seems that young Ricky definitely caught the bug. Singing since prep, Ricky joined the choir at high school and eventually played in local bands. But over the last few years, Ricky’s dream has always been the same – to be a part of the Australian Idol finals.

The passionate vocalist may love his footy, but as we’ve seen on Australian Idol, he’s more than happy to miss his club’s grand final, preferring to experience the joy of performing for footy’s greatest audience at the AFL Grand Final presentation. With a determination to rival the most professional singers in the Australian Idol final group, watch out for Ricky Muscat.

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