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The “Kangaroo Creek Gang Roadshow” was initially introduced to Australian audiences in 1986.
The Kangaroo Creek Gang are very well known to Western Australia's children through their book series (40 books in total) and educational packages, which are currently available in 95% of Western Australia’s primary schools. Kangaroo Creek Gang characters are also featured every night in Kenny Kidna’s ‘goodnight segment’ on Channel 10 in Perth and in their own animated cartoon series being shown on the 9 network.

The Kangaroo Creek Gang Roadshow offers a number of different children's entertainment performance formats to suit a variety of  situations and requirements. Their shows feature a combination of costume characters and large puppets and live music.
Their shows also have a large element of musical pantomime, with a complete story line and a plot. All Kangaroo Creek Gang puppet characters speak and they have their own unique personality.

Each and every performance features live music from Ranger West's guitar and large scale audience participation - dancing, singing and playing musical instruments.
All performances are highly interactive with the children - they find that kids would much rather be involved than simply watch something happen on the stage. Host (Ranger West) gets the audience involved even before the show starts and every performance receives a great response.


For a fantastic feature attraction, why not invite The Kangaroo Creek Gang along to perform at your agricultural show, community festival, fair or fete?

This year’s show format has been changed to incorporate some new elements, but the show still maintains a high level of large-scale audience participation with dances and close interaction between the children and the characters.

Show features Kevin Kangaroo and Wal Wombat (full sized costume characters) and Ranger West, who sings and plays his guitar live, to orchestrated accompaniments, the Kangaroo Creek Gang Show features classic musical pantomime elements and the children are involved in playing musical instruments and singing and dancing.

Twenty prize bags are awarded to the children of the audience during each 35 minute performance.
The Kangaroo Creek Gang have performed at numerous agricultural fairs, fetes, primary schools and shopping centres throughout W A. In addition to this, they have toured to every capital city in Australia and their shows are always very well received by all.
If you are looking for something special for your festival this year, this show is widely recognised as being one of the very best children’s entertainment in Western Australia.

The Kangaroo Creek Gang is the perfect choice of entertainment for your next birthday party function or corporate event.

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