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The wedding music entertainment you choose for your wedding should inspire your guests to dance the night away and enhance the overall atmosphere of the evening.
If you are thinking of a live band make sure that your reception venue has adequate space to house them. Ideally you will have already seen the band and are choosing them because they suit your style and you were impressed when you saw them yourself. If you have not seen them in person you might like to ask your local booking agent if they have a video for you to view.
DJs are a great alternative to live music. They will play all of your favourite songs, advise you on speech formats and will even have music that will suit your Grandma.
Many Perth bands and DJ operate in the local clubs and hotels and this will provide an excellent opportunity for you to view them while they are working.
The costs will differ between bands and DJS. A wedding DJ will generally cost less than a band so perhaps the best advise is to shop around.
Most bands and DJS will play for the duration of your reception but its best to check with them prior to your event.

Both bands and DJs will work hard to ensure that your guests are having a good time. Some helpful hints will be a list of family favourites from a wide range of music tastes and eras. That way you will be sure to keep everyone happy.

Handy Hint: Ask your entertainer if they will provide you with a playlist. Check with the venue what time they can set up for your function and the time that equipment will need to be removed.

Q: Is the dance floor included
A: Kings Park Function Centre: Has a built in dance floor
Bluewater: Has a dance floor built in
Observation Deck: A Dance floor would need to be hired in.
Q: Can we have a live band
A: Yes in the function centres a live band. In the private dining room acoustic music is best.


Music is the most universal expression of joy. From the moment your guests arrive at your wedding site, your choice of music will set the mood and expression for your special day.

Choose music that will compliment the atmosphere that you wish to achieve such as religious, classically elegant, contemporary or perhaps a mixture of styles. Many brides prefer a traditional classical wedding ceremony while others will select music that will enhance a special theme that they have chosen for their wedding entertainment such as Baroque, New Age, Classical, Jazz or Scottish which is very popular at Forest Lawn's Wee Kirk of the Heather in Glendale, California (an exact replica of Annie Laurie's church in Glencairn, Scotland).

If you are being married in a church or synagogue it is always wise to check out the music policies with the music staff to avoid disappointment. Protestant churches usually allow a mixture of popular and religious music. Some Catholic clergy may ask that you avoid popular music in favor of religious selections and hymns sung at regular masses. For Jewish weddings, secular music, including the usual wedding marches, is permitted at many Reform and Conservative weddings, but Orthodox rabbis may prefer you use only traditional music.

If your church or synagogue has no restrictions regarding the type of music you can choose for your wedding, good taste should always prevail. Many songs which are "hits" at the moment, do not last in popularity beyond a few months. It would be best for those selections to be played or sung at your reception. Ask yourself: Will the wedding music I choose from my wedding today be the memory I want in the years to come?


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