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Q: I have a list of all of my favorite songs that I want the DJ to play "in order". How do I make sure this happens?
A: You don't want to. But, if your DJ has no experience or you are hiring a family friend, you might have to. When you hire a Professional wedding DJ, they've been to hundreds of events like yours. And while each event is different, they will adapt to you and your guests all night by playing requests from everyone! Even a DJ with 20 year's experience can't predict which songs will make the crowd dance at every moment throughout the night "in order"! A Professional DJ uses his vast music knowledge and expertise to entertain your guests by constantly reacting to their ever-changing moods. Just like you selected varieties of food that appeal to all of your guests, choose categories of music you prefer and let the DJ do the work for you.

Q: But I'm getting married! Isn't my day be special?
A: It will be! Good DJs keep in constant contact with you all night and there are many special things the DJ will have your guests doing at your reception. But most Brides/Grooms forget that every one of your guests will want at least 5 minutes of conversation with you. As a result, most couples don't even hear half of the songs that are played! It's better to choose between 10-15 songs that you most want played and your Professional DJs will make sure you know when they are. (Why only 10-15? Because 4 hours of music is ONLY 50-55 songs!) Your guests will also stay longer if the DJ is playing their requests and responding to their musical tastes so leaving room for their selections makes good sense.


Q: How can I tell if a DJ will really play the requests my guests ask him for?
A: This is a question you should find the answer to BEFORE you book the DJ! Ask how his music is organized. A versatile DJ that is used to playing requests quickly will color-code and/or number his music in books to help him remember where everything is. Those companies that say they have 5,000 selections at an event but don't have them organized by Song Title with a numbered system have a worthless library. If it's not easy to find, it's going to take a while to play it... if at all. Many lazy DJs "coast" through a reception memorizing only the same, lame 30-40 songs they always play. Make playing requests from your guests mandatory!

Q: Do I give my DJ any other specific songs?
A: Most receptions start with your 1st Dance as husband and wife (a kind of "spotlight dance" with just you two) followed by a Father/Daughter Dance (sometimes Mother/Son Dance at the same time or following) and then a Wedding Party Dance where attendants dance as couples. All three songs are typically slow songs of your choosing. Also, if there are any birthdays, anniversaries or any other special celebrations occurring, it's helpful to let the DJ know these too!

The BEST tip is to simply ask a lot of questions and visit the DJ at an event before you hire them! DJ Companies that constantly perform "above the average" let you do all of these things and welcome your special input! On your Wedding Day, relax, enjoy and let the Professional DJ do the work for you!


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