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Soul Sacrifice

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Soul Sacrifice was formed in September 2006 by Sam Musca and Ezio Caffarelli. Sam and Ezio love the music of Carlos Santana and know that there is a big fan base in Australia for this magnificent style of music. Their aim is to carry the legacy of this beautiful world music to the people of Australia and to make them sing, dance and celebrate their lives in the light of goodwill and, in the spirit of song and dance….and basically to have a great time.


Sam Musca – Lead Guitar, Background vocals and percussion
Sam has been playing guitar for over 40 years. He has played in Bands for 33 years and is a well respected Perth Musician who has played in many bands such as Souled Out, Saxafunk, Groove Cats, Strictly Business and Ruby Tuesday. Sam is also in constant demand as a guitar teacher. Sam has played the music of Carlos Santana since he was a boy of 14 and he plays the guitar with all the finesse and emotion that is a standout of Carlos Santana’s playing

Ezio Caffarelli – Keyboards, Background vocals and percussion
Ezio has been playing keyboards and piano for well over 40 years and is one of Perth’s leading musicians. He has played in too many bands to name. Ezio has supported national and international musicians and is an excellent music arranger. Ezio too is a keen follower and supporter of Santana’s music and ably supports Sam in his playing.

Frank Genovesi – Lead Vocals, Guitars and percussion.
Frank has been in the music industry for many years. Frank has toured, recorded and released original recordings in Europe and the United States of America. Frank is more than just an accomplished singer; he is also a magnificent entertainer and a respected guitarist. Frank has an incredible vocal range and style that is not to be missed.

Jim Awram – Bass Guitar.
Jin has played in many bands such as Dr Bogus, Saxafunk and the Angel Rae Band. Jim is an accomplished Bass Guitar player and a gifted teacher as well. Jim’s bass playing grooves are perfectly suited to the Latin flavour of this band. Jim also assists in the arrangement of the music and he too is inspired by the music of Santana. When Jim locks into a groove, your mind, body and soul get transported to a beautiful place.

Tommy Gi – Drums.
Tommy has played in far too many bands to list here. He is one Perth’s most respected drummers and he plays Latin Grooves perfectly. When Tommy’s drum grooves lock in with Jim’s bass playing, you will not be able to stop from moving to the rhythms of this sensual music, it takes over your senses in the most fantastic way.

Russell Burrows – Congas and assorted percussion.
Russell is one of Perth’s eminent percussionists. He too has a long history of playing in many Bans both in WA and interstate. Russell adds the Afro-Cuban beats from his congas that is a hallmark of the Santana sound. When Tommy, Jim and Russell lock onto a groove, your body will surrender to the beats that will pervade your mind and soul, there is no going back

George Perkins – Timbales and assorted percussion
George hails from the United Kingdom, where he played in “Viva Santana” the UK’s own Santana Tribute show. He is a recent resident of our magnificent country. George is a specialist on Timbales and assorted other percussive instruments. He takes up nearly half the stage with his fantastic display of timbales, bells, whistles, maracas. If you think the groove with Tommy, Jim and Russell is sensuously dangerous, just add George to the equation and you have the world beats that make an unstoppable force in music.

Soul Sacrifice: From the album Santana 1, released in 1969. The song was played in Woodstock in front of 500,000 people in 1969 who basically went crazy when Santana took to the stage to deliver an unforgettable rendition of this hugely charged and powerful song.

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