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The Bleach Boys - Beach Boys Tribute Show

Meet "The Bleach Boys". All four members of the Bleach Boys are talented musicians and all have an amazing musical background. As a result of their terrific harmonies, these four brothers in 2007 formed a quartet band known as The Bleach Boys which pays tribute to the wonderful band of the 1960's, The Beach Boys.

The Bleach Boys was formed in December of 2007 and consists of Adam Huxley, Ryan Huxley, Mark Huxley and Neal Huxley. The boys based their tribute act on the legendary band, The Beach Boys. The four brothers make up an almost exact representation of the original band and deliver those old time songs with great harmonies and terrific instrumentals.    

The Bleach Boys have performed at venues including Observation City, Mullberry on Swan, Golden Ponds Function Centre, Embassy Ballroom and Avon Valley. The Characters of Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson and Mike Love are charming audiences and giving them a chance to relive a long gone era.

The Bleach Boys are suitable for functions including Rock'n Roll shows and themed events.

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