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An eclectic artist, Cathie Travers has made a living out of roaming across musical boundaries.
Cathie’s work as a composer began at age 15, with ‘In Search of the Gods’ – for two pianos, Hammond organ, celeste, electric bass, kit, acoustic guitar and 10 vocalists. This ‘opus 1’ was awarded a National Youth Composition prize by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Twelve months later, in the mid 70’s, her professional career began - as keyboard-player, guitarist and vocalist in rock and folk bands around Perth, Western Australia, the city where she was born. A chance encounter during the early 1980’s precipitated a twenty year foray into classical music and avant-garde repertoire, as a pianist and [electronic] keyboardist.

As an accordionist and keyboard-player Travers freelances, working as soloist, as a member and/or leader of tango, jazz and fusion groups, with dance and theatre companies, a rock band, and various chamber groups and orchestras. She also appears on CD’s by several Australian artists, and lectures music in the dance school at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, and to post-graduate music students at Edith Cowan University.

Her passion for music-making is counter-balanced by binge consumption of sci-fi and cyberpunk literature and films, and frolicking in the bush with her pussycats after late night gigs.

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