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Abe Dunovits

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Abe Dunovits performances have included the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art "Putting on an Act", Club Zho and Guerrilla Sessions, both with improvising bands and as Ray Unit, his altered performance character, taking the name from the main character in the seminal Tim Burns' 1975 Australian film "Against the Grain". Ray Unit has also appeared at Platform 1 Gallery in Melbourne and has released three albums, which get regular airplay on Perth's independent radio RTR FM. Abe Dunovits has also appeared live on RTR with Spooky and other radio stations and has extensive recording and performing experience with Rosie's Kitchen, The Whitlam Years and Spooky, Shangara Jive and now Funkalleros having released a total of 5 albums with all these bands.

Abe is suitable for all functions and events including cocktail parties and wedding ceremonies.
For further information on Abe Dunovits and more professional solo performers contact PPES on 08 93821894.

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