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Take the original rat pack, and substitute Sinatra, Martin and Davis Jnr for Tony Saprano, Lucille Ball and a Kevin Spacey lookalike and you’ve got “Goodfellaz The Show”.
Goodfellaz take you back to an era of cool swing and hot jazz, where men were men, women were broads and everyone drank martini’s. Then there was the music, that timeless, effortlessly thrilling music that refuses to age and continues to find new generations of fans. “Goodfellaz the Show” takes this spirit and plugs it into a twenty first century power socket. Alfredo Narelle and Scott are going to make you an offer you cant refuse. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience one of Perth's best singing trios “Goodfellaz the Show”.

“Goodfellaz the show was.. dazzling..brilliant..luminously’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll change your life” cast of Goodfellaz the Show

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