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In Portuguese, ‘Beleza’ pronounced “Bel-air-za” means beautiful and great, because that’s exactly what this band is! Creating traditional sounds of Rio’s de Janerio and many parts of Brazil, Beleza are truly the FINEST Samba percussion band in Perth! They offer a LOUD high-energy performance of rhythm, movement, costume and color!

Lead by experienced and skilled Musician - Michael Boase. He is also a member of Sambalicious. Last year he spent time in Brazil for a more in-depth focus! The group performs musical styles that are closely related to samba enredo such as samba reggae, axe, maculele, afoxe, portido alto and pagode. Beleza also offer performances, tuition and percussion workshops in all of the above - to anybody who wishes to learn it? Performances or workshops for schools, parties, corporate and community events are simply a must to fire up the atmosphere!

For further information on Beleza School Of Samba along with more great performers contact Perth Professional Entertainment Services on 0893821894.

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