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The Flying Carpathians

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The Flying Carpathians are a dynamic and evocative band who perform music from Central / Eastern Europe, with West African influences combined with a unique Australian touch.
The Flying Carpathians features some of Perth’s finest musicians, harnessing the energy of the Balkan dance floors, on a dazzling array of instruments ...It’s a flying carpet ride of contagious music!
The Flying Carpathians also teach the circle dances traditionally associated with their music, such as the Greek Miserlou, the Turkish Yaylarlar, the Russian Troika or the popular Israeli dance Hava Nagila.
Learning these dances is a fantastic, accessible way to celebrate, have fun, and build community, creating a vibrant, festive atmosphere.
The Flying Carpathians are: Tony Lane, Sarah Peet, Jamie David and Mark Cain.

Four multi-instrumentalists, playing violin, guitar, cello and saxophone as well as electric bass, mandolin and percussion. More exotic instruments include the bala (xyllophone) from West Africa, the gaida and zurna (bagpipe and oboe) from Bulgaria and Turkey, and the mbira (thumb piano) from Zimbabwe.

For extra special occasions the band is joined by drummer, Vince Parvit, and dance teacher extraordinaire, Palenque Blair.

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