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Shangara Jive

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Shangara Jive is one of Australia’s premier African Fusion bands.

The bands performance can best be described as high energy, positive, based upon deep infectious grooves that inspires everyone to move their body. Their music is a show case of many different Southern African styles which include Jit, Chimurenga, Dancehall, Roots Reggae, Kwassa Kwassa, Soukous, Soka and Afro Beat.

Shangara Jive are available in the following formats:

- Seven-piece  band consisting of keyboards, mbira (thumb piano), guitar, bass, drum kit and a full African percussion set up
- Acoustic traditional or contemporary which is perfect for smaller functions, events, cafes restaurants etc..
- 5 Piece Roving Percussion Ensemble
- 4 Piece Acoustic Outfit
- 3-4 Piece Mbira Ensemble

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