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magnificent seven bands

Magnificent Seven are a West Australian band who are named after one of the the all time great Westerns.
The band have lived up to the brand regarded as one of Australia's leading commercial country styled acts.
Magnificent Seven originally formed in the late 80's as a concept of having Western Australia’s best in an all-star band.
Mag Seven members are comprised of popular local pub acts including the 80's V-Capri, Frames, Jets & Slim Jim And The Phatts.
With their last acclaimed CD titled “ Magnitude" the band has rocketed to the top of Australian Country billboards and play lists around the nation.
The band is constantly on the move playing at corporate events, festival appearances and tours as a Western Australian Country Music treasure & profiled act. Essentially the band are a commercial party band playing covers & versions in their own creative style which includes a country feel.

Magnificent Seven Are;

Mike O'Brien: Vocals
Alan Simpson: Drums
Don Allen: Bass
Tim Count: Keyboards
Steve Guard: Guitar

For more on Magnificent Seven please contact one of the friendly team at PPES on 0893821894.

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