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Choosing A Booking Agent Or Agency

It is not easy trying to get a booking agent but in these modern times it is almost a necessity if you want to work in the entertainment industry. The irony of it all is that most entertainment booking agents want established musical entertainment performers yet to really be an established musical act or performer you may need the help of a professional booking agency. Classified publications such as Xpress magazine are a good source of job opportunities but the real work generally comes through a professional booking agent. A professional booking agent or agencies main focus is to keep a circle of professional musical entertainment performers to whom they first channel out their work to. If you are a part of that circle then it makes obtaining work much easier for you.

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Booking Agent Or Your Career

Treating your career like your own personal business is an absolute must in the entertainment industry. You must understand that in this day and age of computer technology we are all in a highly competitive industry that requires much personal investment. Professional booking agents and agencies get hundreds of entertainment bio's a day. One of the main things that a working musical entertainment act or performer must have in his or her arsenal is a good audio and visual demo. Luckily (thanks to computer technology) it is easy to email copies of your audio and video demo's to all professional booking agents and agencies. Remember to ask the booking agent or agency before hand, whether or not it is Ok to send the file. Video files do require a generous amount of file space and therefore asking the permission of the booking agent or agency is a great way to start your working relationship off. With so many students in the Film and Audio industry, its not hard to find someone who is prepared to do a video reel or audio demo for a fair price. But be careful as Booking agencies still appreciate quality.

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Booking Agent Follow Up

As stated before since booking agents and agencies get a lot of demos and bios on a daily basis you'll need to make follow-ups. Most agents don ’t mind receiving phone calls but there are some that do mind. The key is to build a good relationship with the booking agent or agency.
In soliciting your bio, demos and material you should always invite the booking agent or agency via phone call or email to your show.
Make sure you always seem enthusiastic in the presence of a booking agent. If a booking agent or agency may seem somewhat unpleasant to you then don ’t take it personal. Booking agents are not only in the hunt for talent but also someone who has a great personality and is hungry. So if the booking agent or agencies impression of you is that you are highly motivated and good to work with then the booking agent or agency might take a chance. The entertainment industry is certainly made of its ego driven individuals and many professional booking agents and agencies cat detect this a mile away.
Not all Booking agents and agencies deal with just your particular type of musical entertainment or performance. Some booking agents only deal with rock bands, some specialize in ethnic band entertainment and some only deal with corporate entertainment. Don ’t feel bad if the booking agent tells you that you’re not the right type entertainment they might currently be seeking.
Since booking agents and agencies are people too you need to realize that there are good booking agents and bad booking agents.
Good luck in your search for a booking agent.

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