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In these modern changing times web site promotion is without a doubt one of the most valuable tools your band or performing act can have. If your a band, musician, comedian, actor or any other form of entertainment artist in Australia or Perth and I would suggest getting a web site started as soon as possible. Having an entertainment web site for your band or performing act is a great point of reference for all your future and prospective clients. Not only will it assist in letting your employees or buyers see and hear what you do but it will also allow your dedicated fans access for up to date band information such as gig playing dates and times. Once you have your entertainment band web site, add your URL web address to local Perth band web site listings. Try doing an internet search on search sites such as google for keywords like Perth bands, Perth band web sites, Perth band listings, Perth entertainment, Perth gig guide, Perth musicians, Perth booking agents or any specific keywords that might be of assistance to your band. Email the sites relative to your band and have your URL web address added. Email any Perth Gig or concert calendars such as The Xpress Gig Guide and The West Australian Gig Guide to have your show dates added. You'll be surprised at what free advertising there is for your band or act in Perth.

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Entertainment booking agents can be another valuable resource in helping get your band some gigs. Most booking agents and agencies charge a fee for their service, so be aware of that. Entertainment booking agency fees can range anywhere from 10 - 25% of your bands fee. Again try doing some research on the internet for keywords such as Entertainment booking agent, booking agency, band booking agencies, band manager, band entertainment you get the idea. Getting a well known entertainment booking agent or agency to deal with a new band or talent can be hard so shop around and see who will be prepared to help your band out.

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PA Sound Mixer Engineer

So your entertainment act has become more established and now you require the services of a sound mixer engineer or technician. Lots of Perth venues have their own PA or sound system already installed and therefore all entertainment acts and bands don't need to supply or hire their own PA. In other situations the entertainment act or band will have to supply their own sound system or else hire someone like a PA company to bring their equipment and mix the sound. Hiring a PA company to do your sound can be expensive. Using the venues PA sound system is always going to be a cheaper option.
A good sound guy can definitely mean the difference between a good and bad performance. The band has put so much hard work into having a great sound but if the audience is hearing feedback throughout the performance the show could be a very difficult one to get through . If possible doing a good quality sound check before every performance will always help make the sound guys job allot easier.

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